NO we're not coddin'....a popular fish and chip shop is looking for a new name and wants readers' suggestions. 

Papa's Fish and Chips has been bought out by new owners who are looking to rebrand the School Brow eatery.

The person behind the chosen name will win a free meal for two at the chip shop.

For full details about how to send your entry in, click here. 

Here's some of our favourites so far from comments on the Warrington Guardian Facebook page but before you start scrolling, here's a warning. 

If you've already haddock enough of fish puns you need to look away now. 

Things can only get batter

From Jo MacMichael 

New plaice on the block

From Rachel Ohara

Tuna Half Men

From Mike Bailey

Battersea Cods Home

From Shaun Hannon

Warrington Guardian:


From Mike Bailey

Chip off the old block

From Warren Douglas

You Batter Believe it

From Mike Shannon


From Dave Greenall 

Fishy McFishface

From Richard Faz Farrell

'That chippy near where blockbuster used to be'

From Tom Solan