GARY Bebbington’s obsession with claiming the south of Warrington is ignored at the expense of the north is totally ridiculous.

What is he going on about?

(Warrington Guardian, July 26).

The latest was having a go at people living in Dallam.

In recent weeks there has been suggestions of a waste transfer station in Orford, thousands of homes built on Peel Hall in Houghton Green and various sites wrecked by travellers – all in the north of Warrington.

Where is his bias there? Where is the evidence of the council favouring the north?

The reality is the council makes lots of decisions, people like some and not others.

It has nothing to do with where you live.

I suggest Mr Bebbington stops talking about thing he knows nothing about and keeps his opinions to himself.

He is starting to get rather boring.

Or should I say, proving again that he is rather boring.