A DRUG dealer who was jailed for smuggling cocaine and ecstasy into Creamfields has failed in a bid to have his sentence reduced.

Samuel Haworth, of Rishton in Lancashire, was found in possession of around £700 worth of drugs upon entering the Daresbury music festival in August last year.

The 25-year-old stashed the cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis in a Kinder egg secreted in his body but was spotted attempting to avoid sniffer dogs at the festival entrance.

Metal engineer Haworth told officers that he had planned to share the drugs with his friends.

In March, he was jailed for 18 months by his honour judge Simon Berkson at Chester Crown Court having earlier admitted possession of cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis with intent to supply.

On Wednesday, May 23, Haworth took his case to the Court of Appeal in London, arguing that his prison sentence was too severe.

But judge Clement Goldstone dismissed the appeal and Haworth will spend 18 months behind bars.