A GROUP on a mission to help combat grooming across the nation will return to Warrington to deliver an awareness talk in June.

Sikh Youth UK, which aims to improve the welfare of the Sikh community, carried out a talk at Warrington Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Latchford in February.

And it will be returning to the holy site, on Dover Road, next month to speak to the congregation for a second time.

Members are carrying out preventative, intervention and rehabilitation work, with the group currently assisting with 30 cases.

The group believes the issue of grooming has 'spiralled out of control' and has raised serious concerns over people using fake Facebook profiles and Instagram direct messages to 'target' youngsters.

Volunteer Deepa Singh said: "This is historical, it is not of recent times.

"But organisations like ourselves are at the forefront and at the grassroots – we are raising that awareness to let people know.

"As an organisation, we are trying to address this.

"We are doing preventative work, we are doing intervention work and we are doing rehabilitation.

"We are going to carry on trying to raise awareness on these issues to prevent generations going down bad roads."

Sikh Youth UK delivered an awareness talk in Manchester on Saturday.

The event at the town's Sikh temple will take place at the end of June, with a date due to be confirmed.