PRIMARY schools involved in a BOLD (Bewsey, Orford, Longford and Dallam) School project, decided to spring clean parks and community areas this month in a bid to reduce litter.

Every term, a BOLD school council from each school meet up and decide on community events that will make a difference to the lives of people who live in the surrounding area.

On this occasion, it was decided that areas near the schools needed a ‘clean-up’.

The children will also litter pick around the community and church grounds over the next few weeks in a St Andrew’s spring clean event.

Dallam Community Primary School’s school council went on a litter pick to Sankey Valley as part of their spring clean-up, while Meadowside CP and Nursery Primary School went on a litter pick to the park near Winwick Road.

All the children had litter pickers and were wearing heavy duty gloves and hi-vis jackets and took bin bags to collect as much litter as possible.

They began picking litter up on the walk to the park and when they got there found that some of it was quite hard to reach.

Members of the community were impressed with the litter picking and stopped to praise their work.

Pupils at Brook Acre were tasked with the job of cleaning Lysander Park and on their way, spent much of their time collecting litter on Hilden Road as rubbish had been dropped through the fence surrounding the school and Orchard Children's Centre.

The children noticed there are not any bins on the path on the way to the park, despite there being bins on the other side.

They plan to write to the council to request bins and additional litter pickers as they are also keen to develop an after-school club to collect litter.

Pupils want to set up a competition for children at Brook Acre to design posters and leaflets to educate the community.

The children are now motivated to improve attitudes towards caring for the environment.