THROUGHOUT this year we will be meeting our Warrington Guardian Camera Club members and asking them to share some of their favourite photographs.

This week it's the turn of Daniel Carter.

Camera Club member:

Daniel Carter, 33, from Burtonwood.

RSPB membership officer, freelance photographer and artist

How did you first become interested in photography?

I’ve always had an enthusiasm for being creative but my first real attempt at photography started at university. I studied outdoor sports and started to make friends with people who were learning photography.

So I picked up a camera and started to learn for myself.

What do you like to photograph the most?

I prefer wildlife above all else from around the world, but I’m happy as long as I have a camera in my hands.

Tell us about the picture you are most proud of?

I’d have to choose a picture from when I worked as a photographer in a zoo. I got to work with some beautiful animals but in particular the Hudson Bay Wolves and I had the pleasure of witnessing and photographing the first pups to be born within the UK.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from everything around me, from other people’s work to just stepping out of my door. My true aim is to connect people, to capture a moment and when people do view my work that they can feel the emotion and atmosphere within the photo.

How do you educate yourself to take better photos?

A few hints and tips from friends but mostly just practice.

Every photo requires something different so understanding your camera and trying different things is essential.

What would be your dream photography shoot?

Being paid to travel and visit the wonders and wildlife of the world would be fine by me.

To join our Camera Club, send in a picture from the Warrington area to along with your name, address and where the photograph was taken.

This month we're looking for readers' best spring shots.