WARNING: This video contains language which some people may find offensive. 

A DAD-OF-TWO who jumped to the defence of Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher in an online video has become a viral sensation.

Graeme Keast, of Chester Road, near Warrington town centre, voiced his views on his Football Banter Page on Facebook after Jamie Carragher was filmed spitting in the direction of a Manchester United fan and his daughter while they were in the car.

The former footballer can be seen spitting out of his Range Rover window following Liverpool’ s 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford in the footage which is filmed by a dad while he is driving.

Graeme, who is a managing director of a franchise outlet, said while he does not condone the actions of Carragher, he does not believe he should lose his job over the incident.

The 31-year-old said: "I can't condone what he did but I think the guy who was filming it was an idiot.

"Carragher shouldn't have his career ended over one moment of madness."

Graeme decided to film the online video after setting up the football Facebook page six months ago.

Warrington Guardian:

PICTURED: Graeme Keast and Jamie Carragher

He said: "I started it as a place for people to go to talk about football.

"It has gone international within six months - there are 100 countries represented on the page.

"Lots of people had been messaging me about Jamie Carragher so rather than post a long status I decided to do a video.

"I was safely pulled up in the car with the engine off."

The video has so far been shared more than 10,000 times with many more comments.

In the video the 31-year-old said: “I just wanted to share my views and opinions on the Jamie Carragher incident.

“A lot of you know I am a big Manchester United fan, but I am going to put that to one side for a minute.

“I have watched the video of Carragher spitting at a 14-year-old a few times now.

“Please watch it and watch it in detail.

“Firstly we don’t see the videos beforehand when he is probably goading him before then.

“Listen to his daughter ‘stop it, stop it dad', and that is before Carragher puts his window down, the girl is saying ‘stop doing it'."

Graeme added that he has been contacted by people from across the world after posting the video.

"I'm just talking passionately. It wasn't meant to go viral," added Graeme.

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Graeme is also raising money for the Alzheimer's Society after his 90-year-old granddad was diagnosed with the disease. If you can help click here