THELWALL residents have expressed their relief over plans to scrap a controversial bus route.

At a special roadshow in Stockton Heath last week, Network Warrington announced the number six service would no longer go down All Saints Drive – a route residents have previously deemed 'unsafe.'

It was introduced as a cost-cutting measure to turn down All Saints Drive, instead of continuing along Stockport Road, turning left down Lymm Road and then past the Pickering Arms.

Over the past 18 months, residents and councillors have opposed the decision to use the residential avenue, calling it 'disruptive'.

Les Pratt, resident, said: "A number of All Saints Drive residents have already come forward to express their relief and thanks to our local councillors, Bill and Liz Holledge, Joanne Robinson, Linda Crossley and myself for our efforts in opposing the initial decision to use our avenue.

"We wish Network Warrington well in the future in providing a comprehensive and hopefully profitable bus service with both the existing and new Cheshire Cat services.

"Please do not route through narrow residential roads and estates again without full impact considerations and consultation."

It comes as part of Network Warrington's plans to review services in south Warrington, with the introduction of the Cheshire Cat.

This will include a fleet of 13 new buses coming into effect from April 8 in a bid to better serve the area and improve services.

Ian Marks, Liberal Democrat councillor, said: "Hopefully things will now change for the better following the changes announced by Network Warrington at their Roadshow in Stockton Heath.

“The investment in new buses, the change in branding to 'Cheshire Cat' and the emphasis on making it easy and pleasant for customers to travel on buses are very exciting and have my full support.

“There is the added bonus that as part of the route changes in south Warrington, the number six bus will no longer travel down All Saints Drive in Thelwall.

"For the last eighteen months this has caused problems for residents there and I know they will really welcome this change.

“On the other hand there is a problem with one of the route changes in Lymm but this is being looked at by the council's transport team in conjunction with Network Warrington and I hope a solution can be found."

The number six service, now rebranded as Cat 6, will serve Warrington, Cobbs Estate and Grappenhall every 30 minutes – giving four buses an hour to Knutsford Road and Ackers Road but no longer operating via All Saints Drive and Stockport Road.

Mr Pratt said: "The big downside to the new re-routing is there will be no Network Warrington buses whatsoever running along Stockport Road.

"We would suggest the decision to totally exclude Stockport Road, a major road route between Lymm and south Warrington, be looked at again."

In response to changes, a spokesman for Network Warrington said: "The decision was taken as part of the wider Cheshire Cat network revision.

"The closest stop to All Saints Drive will be on Thelwall New Road - near the junction with All Saints Drive."

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