THE first of three fashion shows set up to raise funds for the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation will take place this month.

Fashion For Peace, a cross community, multi cultural event organised by Jewish charity worker, Jackie Baines and Muslim lawyer, Hameera Darr, will celebrate people's similarities and differences through fashion.

It comes as part of a number of memorial events planned to mark the 25th anniversary of the IRA bomb that tragically killed Tim Parry aged 12, and Johnathan Ball aged three in 1993.

Taking place at the Jubilee Suite, Orford Park on Monday March 19, it will celebrate the good that has emerged from evil, over the past 25 years - including the foundation's work in supporting victims of terror events.

Jackie said: "The death of Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball in March 1993 shocked the world, but it became a catalyst for good.

"The amazing Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation was set up by Wendy and Colin Parry, a unique centre that offer help to victims and survivors of terrorist attacks all around the world.

"All proceeds from tickets will go to the Peace Centre and this will be the first of three fashion shows raising funds and awareness for this cause."

A diverse range of models, from Warrington and Northern Ireland, will walk the catwalk along with six girls from Liv’s Trust CIO – a group set up to remember 15-year-old, Olivia Campbell Hardy, who was killed following the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last year.

Students from Warrington & Vale College will also be volunteering alongside retailers, John Lewis, Dyson and Clarins to show their support and gain vital work experience.

The beauty and make up department will assist Dyson stylists and help models with their hair and make up, while the fashion department will support John Lewis with the dressing of the models - some in their own designs.

Jackie said: "Support has been massive from Dysons, Clarins, Pete Pinnington and the students of Warrington and Vale Royal College.

"The college and the students have stepped in to support in a very big way using their fashion, beauty, hairdressing and catering departments.

"This is a very special project and we are delighted that the students have seen this as an exciting work experience opportunity."

Stephanie Crane, from Warrington &Vale College, said: "We are looking at this Fashion For Peace event as wonderful work experience for students from all of these departments."

The next two shows will take place in Northern Ireland in 2019, and London in 2020.

Tickets are available from the Fashion Show For Peace page at