AN ANGRY mum has called for consistent and tougher punishment for those in charge of dangerous dogs after her five-year-old son was bitten.

Claire Cannon, from Great Sankey, is furious at the owner’s sentence and believes it sets a precedent for people to take a risk with their pet.

Claire said: “The consequences of owning a dangerous dog should be consistent across the board, the dog was allowed to bite another child and after the owner was warned, she took a risk and got away with it again.”

Susan Parry, 52, had been warned by police after her dog bit a seven-year-old girl that she should keep the dog muzzled and on a lead when outside, but she ignored the request.

She was sentenced to three months imprisonment suspended for nine months at Liverpool Crown Court on Wednesday after the dog bit five-year-old Alfie Cannon.

Claire, 31, added: “If the dog had been put down the first time, my son would not have ended up in hospital, it’s very frustrating.

“I think the sentence was very lenient, it makes you wonder what the dog has to do to a child to actually be put down.

“Was Alfie not hurt enough? Were his wounds not enough?”

Claire and her family own a small dog and she insists she has nothing against the dog involved.

“I was really upset when I was leaving the hospital and told my friends how much I felt sorry for the dog.

“If it had been my dog, I would be sorting it out straight away and ringing the child to make sure they were ok,” she added.

She insists Parry did not contact her to check on Alfie’s condition despite the five-year-old being covered in blood when Claire arrived at the brook off Barrow Hall Lane.

The mum-of-two explained how Alfie has always been wary of big dogs .

She said: “He is terrified of big dogs, especially now, we saw one recently and he ran away crying which is such a shame because he used to be a very confident child.

“We kept seeing the dog in the park and my son was very distressed by it.

“He asks me all the time if the dog is still out there because he’s so scared.”

The attack happened during October half term and Claire believes the dog should not have been off the lead with so many children in the park.

She said: “We don’t need the compensation, it isn’t about the money. She shouldn’t be in possession of a weapon, the rules should be consistent.”

Alfie was out with his cousin and granddad at the time and his cousin was not able to sleep for a week after witnessing his Alfie’s injuries.

Claire added: “I’m not a dog hater, I love my dog, but this doesn’t make any sense. It could lead to a lot of trouble with people thinking they can take a risk with a warning and think they’ll be able to get away with it in court.

“This is about removing a weapon from someone who cannot control what they own.”