THE majority of travellers have left Marks and Spencer at Gemini Retail Park following a 'wedding' featuring a limo and red carpet.

Two caravans and associated vehicles set up camp on the private site, on Europa Boulevard, last week.

A limousine and red carpet was spotted in a 'wedding' at the encampment on Friday and it is believed that up to 22 caravans were on the land at one point.

Marks and Spencer confirmed the majority of the group have now moved on, with just two caravans remaining.

The store anticipates they will be gone later today, Monday.

On Friday, the authority confirmed five caravans and associated vehicles arrived on council-owned land on Hardwick Grange in Woolston.

Fourteen caravans vacated Woolston Neighbourhood Hub on Thursday but then set up camp on Silver Lane in Risley.

The police served a section 61 notice ordering the group to leave.

Officers have been made 'aware' of damage to the gate on the site and a crime report has been submitted although no arrests have been made in relation to this.

The group have left Silver Lane, only to set up camp on Olympic Park in Birchwood.

More to follow.