PREZZO is launching two 'black pizzas' tomorrow, Friday, to celebrate National Pizza Day. 

The Italian chain, which has a restaurant in the Old Fish Market, is introducing pizzas with a charcoal dough base to tap into the growing trend of charcoal-infused foods.

There will be two varieties including Etna –with a garlic chilli and tomato base, topped with calabrese sausage, pepperoni, roquito chilli pearls, rocket and mozzarella and the vegetarian Monte Bianco – with a béchamel sauce base, topped with fresh mozzarella, truffle infused oil and rocket.

The dough is made with activated charcoal and is completely safe to eat.

Marie Neocleous, Prezzo brand manager, said: “The launch of the black pizza is a really bold move for Prezzo. The trend of black and charcoal food is huge internationally and we want to bring this dramatic option to the UK and our customers, first.

"Our chefs have created two delicious recipes to bring out the very best flavours from the charcoal dough with our delicious toppings.

“Many of our regulars embrace our new menu options and enjoy trying new offerings but we also see the black pizza resonating with younger foodies, who are looking for innovative and inspirational food trends.

“Eating out and eating good food has become a multi-sensory experience as the trend for taking pictures and sharing them on social media has become the norm.

"Consumers now want an experience that encapsulates taste, sight and texture - which is exactly what we are offering with the new black pizza.

“We can’t wait to start serving these in our restaurants”