GHOSTLY goings on have been caught on camera in a town centre pub.

CCTV cameras picked up the moment a punter’s pint mysteriously flew off a sideboard and fell to the floor in the Tavern on Church Street on Sunday, January 21.

To make matters even spookier, pub regular John O’Dea had been discussing supernatural encounters in the area when his drink dropped to the ground with no explanation.

Landlord Matt Wilkinson, from Lower Walton, said: “People thought John had knocked his pint over but he was nowhere near it - he just put his arms out and went ‘I’ve not done anything’.

“The first thing he said after that was that he wanted a free pint.

“But the weird thing is, the glass didn’t smash - it landed top down at first and then rolled really quickly towards the back door.

“It was even weirder that at the time all the lads were talking about Church Street being haunted.

“They were saying they’d had a few experiences in the Marquis of Granby back in the day, and then the pint just flew off.”

But this was not the first time that the listed pub, a former workhouse, has experienced problems with poltergeists.

Matt, who has been the pub’s landlord for four years since he was 18, added: “It’s one of plenty of things we’ve had happening in here recently.

“When you take the glasses out of the washer you can put them out on to the shelf, well away from the edge, but when you turn your back they fall off.

“Whenever we finish a shift at the end of the night we turn all the lights off and walk out past the toilets, and it always looks like there’s a shadow in the corner as if there’s someone stood on the toilet.

“I’m not sure how old the pub is, but it was a workhouse back in the day so there could be a lot going on in here."