POLITICIANS have vowed to continue 'fighting' proposals for a £7.83 million waste transfer station after controversial plans for fencing at the site were approved.

The development management committee approved Warrington Borough Council's (WBC) application for fencing and a swing gate at the site, on Winwick Road between Shell petrol station and the access road to Winwick Road Skip Hire, last night, Wednesday.

Last July, the executive board backed plans for the station despite serious concerns over traffic, noise, smells and vermin.

The fencing aims to protect the land from trespassers, allow survey works to take place and prevent 'invasive plant species' spreading.

Cllr Mike Hannon (LAB – Orford), who is a former deputy council leader, spoke against the plans and insists he will continue voicing his opposition.

He said: "I am totally opposed to this.

“We can't have 100 extra vehicles on the A49 – Winwick Road is already a very busy road.

"I also have concerns that, under these financial and austerity measures, a vast amount of money is being spent when it is not necessary to do so.

"I know the council have to do a survey but they had nine years to do that.

"I feel that this application is going for revenue savings against environmental impact.

"The environmental impact is far more severe than revenue savings.

“This site is very close to residential properties.

"They should find a site away from residential properties and one where there will not be an impact on traffic like there will be here.

"I don't think the council has thought this one through.”

Warrington North MP Helen Jones also reacted with anger to the decision.

She said: "As I said when this idea was first proposed, I believe that this is the wrong place to site a waste transfer station.

"It will have a significant impact on the people of Orford, will increase traffic on the already congested A49 and could well have an impact on the Jubilee Hub.

"I am sorry the council are apparently not listening to the concerns of residents on this."

Cllr Morgan Tarr (LAB – Orford) said he is 'extremely disappointed that the council are continuing to pursue this location for the waste transfer site'.

He added: "The A49 is heavily congested as it is and this facility will simply lead to longer delays and queues.

"Resolving the traffic issues throughout our town is a key objective for the council and yet this proposal will do nothing but make the problem worse on one of our major access roads.

"In November 2016, WBC produced an air quality action plan for this area because the air quality failed to meet national objectives.

"Given the emphasis that the council have placed upon improving air quality in the borough, I am astonished that they have concluded that this is a suitable location.

"I will continue to work with residents and MP Helen Jones to fight against this proposal."

The total project capital cost has been estimated at £7,837,343.

The revenue saving anticipated to be generated by building the station is in the region of £350,000 to 400,000 per year.

The station could be operating by February 2020, if it receives planning permission.