A SIX-year-old boy who was too ill to visit Father Christmas received a special festive surprise courtesy of a kind-hearted Santa.

George Gallop was unable to leave his home on Poplars Avenue in Orford for two weeks in the run up to Christmas after developing hand, foot and mouth disease – which left him covered in spots, similar to chicken pox.

The six-year-old was left ‘heartbroken’ that he had not paid a visit to Santa Claus.

But Ryland Sharks’ very own St Nick, also known as Brian Bound, popped in to see George and eight-year-old brother Jack on Christmas Eve – even bringing gifts for the two brothers.

Mum Lisa said: “George went downhill within 30 minutes of having his first two spots and his temperature was 40c – the out-of-hours doctor said it was the worst case of hand, foot and mouth they’d ever seen and he was housebound for nearly two weeks.

“He was really poorly and couldn’t go out, so he was heartbroken that he couldn’t see Father Christmas.

“They were just gobsmacked when they opened the door to Santa – George was made up and it’s something we’ll never ever forget, he was a true St Nick.

“Brian wouldn’t accept any payment – I offered him some money to buy himself a drink but he said that me looking after George was enough for him.

“He was amazing and so gentle, it was absolutely lovely – you don’t find people like that very often.

“We’re so grateful and we really appreciate what he did.”