PARISH councillors in Lymm say they are concerned over the 'lack of clarity' in plans for new homes to be built in the village.

And they will provide an initial budget to help create a neighbourhood plan for Lymm to held regulate its future.

As reported previously in the Warrington Guardian, Warrington Borough Council's local plan proposes new homes in Lymm, many to be built on the green belt.

Cllr John Bamforth, chairman of Lymm Parish Council, said: “We are concerned over the lack of clarity on what the preferred development option means for Lymm.

"Our main concern is the lack of infrastructure to accommodate 500 extra houses and the effect additional developments are going to have on the character of Lymm and the loss of green belt.

“The parish council voted unanimously to delegate powers and provide an initial budget to the Lymm Neighbourhood Plan Group to research, write and consult on a neighbourhood plan for the village.

"The group will be independently run by Lymm residents and will seek the views of the public on how they see our village developing over the next 20 years. The group will have the full backing of the parish council.

Councillor Bob Barr, who is acting as advisor to the neighbourhood plan group, together with Cllr Anna Fradgley, said: “Some development is inevitable and ‘no change’ is not an option. However, it is crucial that residents have their say, otherwise development will take place anywhere in Lymm, regardless.

“The first public consultation meeting, open to all Lymm residents, is on Saturday, October 14 from 11am to 3pm at Lymm Village Hall, Pepper Street.

"Here residents can learn more about what the group will be doing and have their say on how they want to shape Lymm for the future.”

Dr Natalie Palmer, chairman of the Lymm Neighbourhood Plan Group added: “It is vital that residents respond to the Warrington Preferred Development Plan by Friday, September 29, so that they get their say.

"After that, we can work closely on what Lymm residents want for our village, which will ultimately be taken to a referendum and if successful, will have the same statutory weight as the local plan, but will be specifically for Lymm. We need them to come to our consultation event on October 14 which specifically concentrates on Lymm.”

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