A DOG walker who was attacked by a Rottweiler while out with his 10-year-old Jack Russell terrier is trying to trace the Good Samaritan who rushed to his aid.

Kevin Hawkeswood, from Padgate, has been desperately trying to find the woman so he can thank her following her quick-thinking actions which he believes saved his dog’s life.

But so far the 55-year-old’s search has been unsuccessful.

The Scottish Power worker required medical treatment and is now seeking counselling after the attack unfolded at around 1.15pm on June 29.

“The only reason my dog and I were not more seriously injured was due to a lovely lady stopping in her car and offering to pick us up and drive us away from a very dangerous scenario,” said Kevin, who spoke of his disappointed that the police have not filed charges against the owner of the Rottweiler.

The 55-year-old recalled how he was walking his pet dog Russell along Thorneycroft Drive near to Sainsbury’s when the Rottweiler charged in his direction.

“He ran across and started to rip into us,” he said.

“He was trying to get my dog and bite him but I kept trying to push him away.

“I thought he was going to kill my dog.

“He is my best friend and I love him to bits.”

Luckily a woman driving a small white hatchback car pulled over and beckoned for them to jump.

She is believed to be in her late 20s or early 30s and had a baby in a car seat in the back of the vehicle.

Kevin now hopes to find her to say thank you as he was in a state of shock at the time.

Cheshire Police have confirmed that a decision was made in August to take no further action against the owner as the dog is not a banned breed and there was insufficient evidence.

The case will be reopened if more evidence comes to light or if there are reports of any further attacks.

Call Cheshire Police on 101 citing CC17205405.