MY column last week about legendary 60s fashion designer Ossie Clark evoked wonderful memories for some readers.

Steve Earnden contacted me with some special recollections.

He said: “My family were next door neighbours of Ossie and his family. We lived at number 3 Sandy Lane West, Longford, and Ossie lived at number 5.

“In those days, 1946-1960, there was Farmer Brown’s field where the Aldi retail park now is. The Fiat factory did not exist and the A49 was a relative ‘country lane’. Sandy Lane West was on the edge of total countryside.

“We both attended Beamont Technical School in O’Leary Street although Ossie was three or four school years ahead of me.

“I remember one day when Ossie’s blue budgerigar escaped from his bedroom and flew into mine. Ossie came to the rescue.

“He also had a couple of dogs, Dixie, a large brown mongrel, and Ruff. Dixie was the disruptive one when my brothers, Lionel and Gerald, and I played football in the garden.

“Ossie was different in a pleasant way. He was an exceptional artist and, out of school, dressed with sartorial elegance. He always looked distinctive whenever he went out.

“He concentrated on his art at school and the headmaster, Mr Birkett, told him ‘all you will be capable of is laying bricks’.

“Ossie’s artistic mentor at school was the art master, Mr Thomas.”

Thank you, Steve – what lovely memories.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Shaw got in touch. She said: “Ossie was my great uncle, my paternal grandmother was Gladys Clark.

“As far as I know (not sure if it’s correct) Ossie was born in Oswaldtwistle.

“I remember little of Ossie although I do remember seeing him maybe a few times when I was young. I do recall my grandma telling all sorts of stories about the parties he went to and the celebrities he rubbed shoulders with.

“She also had a print of Hockney’s painting of him and Celia. I am from Bradford, so know a bit about Hockney, his work but also the added knowledge of his friendship with Uncle Ossie.

“My grandma had a lot of Ossie’s designs and when Ossie was first starting out he used to design them and my grandma would sew them.

“I think a cousin may still have some of the original designs. A lot of the family have passed away now.

“This is a great write up and it makes me happy and proud to know he still has a great legacy. All my children know of Uncle Ossie as will my grandchildren. He is an inspiration to us all.”

Thank you for getting in touch, Elizabeth.