WARRINGTON South MP Faisal Rashid vowed to 'serve in the interests of every elector' and 'make constituents proud' in his maiden speech in Parliament.

The Labour politician caused one of the biggest upsets of the General Election after snatching the seat from Tory David Mowat with 29,994 votes.

He was given the chance to speak to politicians in the House of Commons for the first time after being called upon by speaker John Bercow yesterday, Thursday.

"On this very proud occasion I give thanks to my parents, my wife Aleeza and all our family for their prayers and support," he said.

"This is a dream come true.

"Recent events in England have caused serious loss of lives, tearing families and communities apart.

"Those responsible stand to be utterly condemned.

"I represent a town that suffered two terrorist attacks in 1993 and I say our nation remains united and we stand together in our determination to ensure that humanitarian and democratic principles prevail."

Mr Rashid was keen to address funding cuts to Warrington Borough Council (WBC).

He said: "Today's theme for the gracious speech debate is the economy and jobs.

"The Government's programme is bereft of measures that will address the harm caused by austerity, growing poverty, educational inequality, homelessness, public services at breaking point, the crisis in social care and more.

"Since 2010 WBC has suffered over £100 million cuts.

"The Government must stop further cuts to local authorities.

"I pledge to work with my council colleagues in their drive to provide high quality services for the people of our town.

"I am also looking forward to working closely with the honourable member for Warrington North to improve services in our town and tackle the issues that matter to our residents.

"Schools in my constituency are already seriously under-funded.

"A top priority for me will be to oppose any attempts by the Tory Government to downgrade or close any NHS services in Warrington."

Mr Rashid also shared kind words for Mr Mowat before highlighting the Government's broken promise over scrapping tolls on the Mersey Gateway Bridge.

"My predecessor David Mowat served in Parliament for seven years and for a year as a junior health minister," he said.

"As a councillor and Warrington mayor I met David frequently.

"He was steadfast in his support for Warrington, courteous to his constituents and supported many Warrington charities.

"I thank David for his public service and wish him and his wife Nicky all the very best for the future.

"Just before the 2015 General Election then Chancellor Osborne promised Warringtonians free travel over the Mersey Gateway and Runcorn bridges in Halton.

"This January a junior transport minister broke that promise.

"If it is right to remove the tolls on the Severn Bridge then it is only right that Halton's bridges should be toll free."

He finished his maiden speech by addressing achievements in his mayoral year, in which he raised around £60,000 for his selected charities, and vowed to deliver for residents.

"I started the Mayor's Achievements Awards recognising the work of unsung heroes," he added.

"I will change this to the Warrington South Achievement Awards and continue to give recognition to people who make a difference in my constituency.

"Mr Speaker, I have stood for public office five times.

"Each time I promised to serve in the interests of every elector.

"I am repeating this promise and add I will make Warrington South constituents proud."