THIS was the shocking scene volunteers uncovered of a group of dead foxes dumped on Gorse Covert Mounds.

Warrington Guardian:

The animals were found abandoned on land off Silver Lane on Wednesday, January 4, by a group called The Conservation Volunteers who were clearing up the area.

Both the police and the RSPCA have been informed, it has been confirmed.

Nigel Balding, chairman of the Friends of Gorse Covert Mounds, said: "The feedback from the RSPCA is that they have been shot which is a possible legal means of control. 

"However, they certainly should not have been left on the Woodland Trust site so that would be fly tipping.

"I expect we will never know why it was necessary to kill such iconic wildlife. 

"I’m sure many of us welcome the sight of foxes in our area and which are a natural balance for the many rabbits living on Gorse Covert Mounds."

A spokesman from the Cheshire and Merseyside Supporter Group of the League Against Cruel Sports has urged anyone with information to come forward.

She said: “We were disgusted upon reading about the pointless killing of these beautiful creatures and very sorry that a member of the public had to make such a gruesome discovery. 

"Some key facts we want people to know are when a fox dies or is killed, another fox will take over its territory, sometimes as soon as within three to four days, meaning that lethal control of foxes is pointless. 

"Non-lethal control methods are more humane and often more effective. 

"We would advise the public to read more about these on our official website at and if anyone is concerned that a wildlife crime might have been committed to please report this on 01483 361 108 or email directly to"