A DOCTOR has predicted a rise in the amount of older men having plastic surgery during 2017.

Azhar Iqbal, a consultant plastic surgeon at Spire Cheshire Hospital in Stretton, has forecast a major increase in the number of middle-aged men seeking treatment throughout the year.

Mr Iqbal believes that breast reduction will be one of the top surgeries in older men, also predicting that eyelid surgery, removal of moles and warts and nose jobs will be popular.

He said: “In the past they may have treated themselves to a new car or some other luxury but nowadays body issues and maintaining youthful looks seems to take priority.

“As men get older they produce less testosterone – older men also tend to have more body fat which can cause more oestrogen to be produced.

“This means that even though a man has kept himself in reasonable shape his breasts could still look enlarged.

“In the past many men have just put up with it or started wearing baggier shirts, but as we get more body conscious they are deciding to do something to change their shape.

“Afterwards patients have told me how much more confident they feel.”