A WOMAN has thanked two strangers who came to the aid of her 91-year-old mum when they spotted that she had fallen while they were playing Pokemon Go.

Sheila Daintith’s mum fell outside her home off Park Road in Great Sankey while attempting to pick up a piece of litter that had blown onto her drive on Friday afternoon.

Two passers-by, known only as David and his young daughter Ellie, spotted the 91-year-old as they hunted for virtual characters while playing the augmented reality mobile phone game Pokemon Go.

Ms Daintith said: “Mum was coming home from the town centre and she spotted a chocolate wrapper fluttering about on her path – she bent down to pick it up and she tripped over.

“She said she was on the floor for a few minutes and these people were passing by and they saw her on the floor.

“At 91 she doesn’t have a mobile phone about her or anything so she was a little bit stranded and these people stopped to offer her some help which she very gratefully accepted.

“Mum asked David if she would ring my sister as she only lives two minutes away so she came round.

“My sister discovered on talking to David and Ellie that they had been hunting Pokemon characters, which I think they found in the end.”

But the generosity of Good Samaritans David and Ellie didn’t end there, with the pair popping back the next day to see how Sheila’s mum was getting on.

She said: “As if that wasn’t enough they came round the next day with a bunch of flowers which was really nice.

“She’s scraped a bit of the side of her face and has a few bruises on her elbow and leg but I think its hurt her pride more than there being any broken bones or anything.”