FAITH groups came together at the Town Hall to share their vision for world peace on an 'historic' evening.

Mayor Cllr Faisal Rashid's Interfaith Prayers for Peace event, which was held last Wednesday, was organised to help unite communities following recent devastation across the globe.

It saw the Town Hall filled with residents from a number of religious backgrounds as they joined in 'prayer and friendship'.

Cllr Rashid (LAB – Chapelford and Old Hall) said: "This was a wonderful, historic event. To see so many people, of so many different faiths, coming together in prayer was truly fantastic.

"It shows what a special community we have here in Warrington.

"In the current climate, with so much negative publicity and hatred surrounding faith, it's never been more important that we all stand together, build awareness and show understanding.

"This event was a symbol of all of these things – and as everybody knows, it is a key part of what I want to achieve as Mayor.

"What became clear from this special occasion was that whatever your faith – or if you are a person with no religion – we should all share a message of peace."

Representatives from Warrington Islamic Association and the Sikh, Hindu and Christian communities were present, while prayers were led by the Rev Paul Wilson, chairman of the Council of Faiths.

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