A BAR which Viola Beach regarded as their second home is reopening after friends clubbed together to secure the lease.

The Lounge was where songwriter Kris Leonard, bassist Tom Lowe and drummer Jack Dakin worked on and off when they were chasing their dreams of making it in the music industry.

Six friends, including Adam Lawson and Darren Beddard who originally ran the venue, have rallied around to relaunch the Springfield Street bar in Viola Beach and manager Craig Tarry's memory.

The Lounge was also a focal point for hundreds of tributes to Kris, Jack, Tom, River Reeves and Craig after the tragic crash in Sweden on February 13.

It will open on Friday to coincide with the release of Viola Beach's posthumous album.

Lisa Leonard, Kris's mum, said: "They've lost five best friends so they've been really passionate about reopening The Lounge in their memory.

"I'm really happy they've got it. Darren and Adam really helped the boys a lot. Darren bought Kris and River guitars. He just believed in them.

"Jack's mum, Joanne, and I went there on Monday and we didn't know how we'd feel as the last time we were there we were doing a conga to the Parr Hall for the tribute celebration.

"But it's given me a lovely feeling I've not had in a long time. I know Kris would be so happy. He spent the last three years of his life in The Lounge.

"Even when he wasn't working he was chilling out there with the lads. He'd be absolutely over the moon."

During their time at The Lounge, Tom was head barman, Kris worked behind the bar and Jack was known to do the heavy lifting as he was the strongest.

Kris's first experience on stage was at the bar too during an open mic night when he was 15.

Lisa, a former Bridgewater High pupil, added: "Kris and Jack were involved with other bands at The Lounge too so there's a lot of history there.

"They used to rehearse there and even slept there sometimes. I remember going to see him play there a few times.

"We'd listen to the music and then take him back in the car and when he was working there I'd take him his lunch.

"It was like a second home for him. He loved it there."

Friends and family are currently decorating the bar ready for Friday.

The launch will see the full playback of the band's album and Viola Beach cocktails will be available. Part of the profits will be going to the Viola Beach Memorial Fund.

Viola Beach's families have also made the difficult decision to take down the tributes to the boys which adorn The Lounge's windows.

Lisa, 43, said: "The tributes are beautiful. It has been overwhelming to see how lovely people have been.

"But we feel it's the right time to take them down. Everything will be put in a box and kept. We're going to decorate and put some pictures up."