IT'S been a while since any sightings have been reported but at the weekend Warrington's seal kept plenty of readers entertained. 

The animal was spotted by Lara Jacob on Sunday appearing to be sunning himself. 

She added: "Most surprised to see a seal basking on the slipway at Warrington Boat Club on Howley Lane. 

"Just compensation for being on the night shift."

While Jonathan Burnett filmed this footage at 7pm on Friday. 

He added: "It was at the top end of Victoria Park weir. 

"I was fishing earlier in the evening when I spotted the animal attacking a large fish - a carp.

"It was exciting to watch."

Frank Lythgoe also reported in his regular angling column in the last week a seal had been spotted and believes there is currently more than one calling Warrington home. 

He added: "Another seal has been reported on the Mersey trapped between the two weirs of Woolston and Latchford, where it is happily decimating our fish brood stocks.

"I have reported its presence to the Environment Agency because unfortunately with not being estuary or open river the fish have limited chance of escape."

The Warrington Guardian first reported a seal had been spotted in the Mersey in Warrington in January this year. 

Click here for some amazing footage from Woolston Eyes.