MORE than 10,700 Warrington residents have signed a petition calling for a second EU referendum.

Leave edged the vote, which split the public, but there have since been repeated calls for another one.

A document on Parliament's e-petition website has already gained more than 3,965,940 signatures, including 3,972 from Warrington North residents and 6,750 from those in Warrington South, totalling 10,722.

It calls upon the Government to 'implement a rule' that if the Remain or Leave vote is less than 60 per cent based on a turnout of less than 75 per cent 'there should be another referendum'.

But Prime Minister David Cameron has ruled out the possibility of another vote on the issue.

Warrington North MP Helen Jones confirmed the petitions committee will consider the appeal and make a final decision on it at its next meeting.

She added: "I believe we have to accept the democratic result of the referendum.

"It is now up to the Labour Party to ensure that the negotiations protect jobs and people's rights at work.

"We will also hold Leave politicians to account for the promises they made during the campaign such as a pledge of £350 million a week extra for our NHS.

"Already, Iain Duncan-Smith and other prominent Leave campaigners have rowed back on this."

The petitions committee has been investigating allegations of fraud in connection with the petition and has already removed 77,000 signatures.

Despite strong support for a second referendum, Locking Stumps resident Les Spiers, 49, believes there should be an 'independence day annual bank holiday' to mark the result and has launched a campaign on 38 Degrees calling for the Government to introduce one.

He said: "The democratic system and national pride should be marked in accordance with the historic importance it deserves."

To view the petition visit or to view the campaign visit