A COURAGEOUS victim has bravely recounted how years of sexual abuse have had a devastating effect on his life as his abuser is finally jailed.

Ian Glover, of Tarporley Road, Stretton, was sentenced to five years and four months in prison at Warrington Crown Court on Friday after pleading guilty to nine counts of indecent assault on a child.

The court heard how the 72-year-old former Grappenhall scout leader took advantage of the teenager's innocence and subjected him to countless sexual abuse over a two year period in the 70s.

Many of the details of the assaults are too graphic to publish.

Glover not only sexually assaulted the young boy on repeated occasions but he captured explicit photos of the victim on camera.

The victim had wanted to speak out on a number occasions about the abuse but he did not have the confidence to come forward.

Prosecuting, Gareth Roberts said: "His school started to notice a deterioration in his behaviour and he was asked if he was ok.

"He wanted to tell them because he wanted to cry out but he was scared."

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, bravely attended court where he spoke of the traumatic effect of the abuse.

He said: "It is really difficult to determine what impact these experiences have had on my life.

“This is because I have no bench mark of what life would be like if this didn’t happen to me.

“Given the abuse started as a teenager, I have no recollection of life before the abuse.

“I grew up to be a very angry man with a deep sense of shame and total inability to express feelings, manage confrontation or handle any conflict within personal relationships.

"Having faced what happened to be during the course of the investigation I am beginning to understand how these experiences have manifested through my life.

"In the earlier years as I was entering adulthood my anger and inability to express myself resulted in several occasions of violence and criminal damage.

He added: "The shame I felt manifested from feelings of guilt believing it was my fault these things happened to me and indeed my fault they happened.

“At this young age I had no perception that I had been manipulated and groomed to believe I actually wanted these experiences to continue.

"It is only now through facing these experiences, heightened awareness through the media and engagement with my case worker that I totally allow myself to be discharged of any guilt."

Glover, who suffered a stroke four years ago and now acts as a carer for his partner, showed no emotion as Judge Tina Landale sentenced him to an immediate custodial sentence.