LEMON lovers will be excited to take part in a viral social media challenge for a Warrington music therapy charity on March 20.

Eleanor Jones, founder of the charity C & D Where the Music Takes You, is inviting people to do the ‘lemons ‘n all’ challenge by taking a picture or video of themselves with a lemon, posting it on social media and nominating three people to do the same. 

Eleanor said people can do whatever they like with the lemon – they could eat it, juggle with it, or even use a lemon as a musical instrument. 

“I always try and think of challenges that everyone can get involved with – anyone of any age,” said Eleanor, who is known for her unusual fundraising events. 

Her past challenges include cycling and horse riding across Reykjavik, cycling for 30 hours straight and trekking throughout Britain.

Warrington Guardian:

The charity began as a memorial of two of Eleanor’s friends, Candice Roberts and David Wright, who both passed away in their twenties.

She hopes people will nominate Keith Lemon (actor Leigh Francis) of TV show ‘Bo Selecta’ to take part in the challenge because David was such a big fan that at his funeral the memorial card read 'He was Proper Bo I tell Thee' in reference to his favourite show.

“If Keith Lemon got involved that would just completely make Dave’s day. He really, really liked him and even his cat was called ‘Bo’,” said Eleanor.

She said that if David knew about the challenge he would think she was ‘completely potty’.

“He would be laughing his head off, but he would be proud. He would be honoured and he was amazing so it is worth it,” she said.

The challenge also asks people to make a small change in their lives, which can be anything from walking to work or volunteering to travelling the world or taking a course.

Eleanor hopes the lemon challenge will raise awareness of the charity, which supports vulnerable young people through music.

The charity is unusual because it does not fundraise and asks people to donate their time or musical instruments instead.

“We don’t ask for money because we are strong in the belief that money doesn’t make the world go around – it’s the people,” said Eleanor.

“Music is something that we all have in common.”

To get involved with the lemon challenge visit www.cdwherethemusictakesyou.com.

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