CHILDREN are being invited to go on an 'imaginary adventure' and get away from the 'enormous pressure' surrounding everyday life through yoga.

Happy Kids Yoga (HKY), which has sessions in Stockton Heath and Appleton, launched in January.

Owner Jen Hoe, 34, is working alongside Tabitha Cohen, from Yoga in Cheshire, and Ceri Davies, from Warrington Pregnancy Yoga, as they bid to make the activity accessible to all residents.

HKY is aimed at children, aged three to eight, looking to release physical tension from the body by stretching and practicing breathing exercises.

"The response has been amazing, classes are already full," said Jen, from Thelwall.

"Sessions take children on imaginary adventures which they act out using yoga postures.

"The children love having the chance to use their imaginations in this way, class journeys include flying on magic carpets, swimming with dolphins and riding on Santa's sleigh at Christmas.

"The magic lies in the fact that while children are having great fun they are also improving their health, and studies show, their academic ability.

"Kids are under enormous pressure as they navigate the many physical and psychological changes that occur during childhood.

"This started as an idea from Tabatha. We want to make yoga accessible for the community and have been getting a lot of support – I love it and can't stop smiling.

"Dads have been coming along too and benefitting from it."

HKY holds 45-minute classes at St Mary Magdalene's hall, on Dingleway, in Appleton on Thursday afternoons, with sessions at Stockton Heath Primary School, on West Avenue, taking place on Thursday evenings.

For further information visit, or call Ceri on 07882 081000.