A TREE in Appleton could be cut down because it has fallen victim to a 'serious fungal infection'.

Pewterspear Residents Ltd has submitted a planning application in relation to potential work to trees protected by a preservation order on land owned by the group, on Pewterspear Lane.

Proposals include one tree to be cut down or 'pollarded' because of a fungal infection, the removal of ivy and removal of overhanging deadwood.

A site visit took place on October 25 and an arboricultural report was then prepared.

It confirmed the inspections were visual and made from ground level.

The report added: "The trees are situated on one side of an existing footpath that connects London Road and Longwood road.

"The survey concerns the north side of the footpath which is under ownership of Pewterspear Residents.

"The south side is owned and managed by Warrington Borough Council.

"More of the horse chestnuts are showing symptoms of phytophthora type disease and they will require closer monitoring."

Recommendations have been made for the conditions of the trees to be monitored annually to assess any progression of phytophthora.

Planning officers will investigate the application before making a decision on the proposals.

The application expires on March 14.