READERS have been capturing some amazing footage and images of Warrington's latest resident.

The Warrington Guardian reported yesterday a number of readers had spotted the seal at the weekend catching fish in the Mersey near to Riverside Retail Park and Warrington Rowing Club. 

The young grey seal now appears to have moved The Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve leading to some beautiful footage and pictures from Winwick reader David Bowman. 

He added: "Sometimes nature just delivers up a real treat and this was one of those days.

"I decided to see if I could find the seal which has been around on the Mersey. 

"I ensconced myself quietly on the bank of the river and was then treated to an enchanting hour with this little lost grey seal pup.

"I kept really still but eventually it noticed me and immediately, with typical seal inquisitiveness, came right up to stare at me from six feet away.

"It then spent the next hour diving and chasing fish and after each came over to say hi.

"At one point I thought it was going to haul out of the river and join me on the bank.

"Instead, it snorted, spraying me with river water before going after another fish.

"When it was time to go, I got up as quietly as I could but it came straight over, came up to the bank, raised itself out of the water and watched me till I'd gone. Remarkable."

Click play at the top of the story to see for yourself and let us know below if you have spotted the seal?

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Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

Pictures taken by David Bowman