THE Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown gave campaigners in Lymm a boost on Saturday after signing a 'Don't Bomb Syria' petition.

Stop the War, a group campaigning against UK Government war policies and air strikes in Syria, tweeted a picture of the Lymm resident signing the document at a street stall in the area.

Campaign group 'Don't bomb Syria #solidarity with refugees' is hoping to persuade Helen Jones and David Mowat to oppose plans to carry out the attacks ahead of a House of Commons vote, which could take place as early as Wednesday.

Members are urging the MPs to respond to them before they meet at Alford Hall, on Manchester Road, on Wednesday.

"Dear Warrington MPs Helen Jones and David Mowat on behalf of the group we ask you as a matter of urgency and humanity to vote against the bombing of Syria," said a statement.

"We have over 300 members on our Facebook page who are all against the decision to inflict death and destruction upon Syria.

"Bombs will not bring peace, the deaths of children will not bring peace, refugees fleeing and drowning will not bring peace.

"There are political actions that can be put in place, sanctions, addressing our allies intentions, our sales of weapons to dictators to name but a few examples of how we can approach Syria.

"Your constituents will be holding a meeting on Wednesday.

"We understand that you will both be in Parliament so will be unable to attend.

"We ask you to respond to our group before the meeting to inform us of your vote and your reasons why.

"As our MPs you have a duty of care to your constituents."

The meeting begins at 7pm.

For updates visit the 'Don't bomb Syria #solidarity with refugees' Facebook page.