THE town is continuing to support Syrian refugees in their time of need through kind-hearted donations.

But a mum-of-two from Grappenhall Heys went one step further after joining a convoy to deliver goods to those who have been held up on the Greek border.

Zubia Hawcroft has returned to Warrington after devoting one week of her time to offer support with fellow volunteers from the charity Syria Relief.

The 40-year-old, who is also the managing director of MSC Headhunting, based in Knutsford, joined others to help feed up to 4,000 people a day during the non-stop operation.

But Zubia admits the heartbreaking pictures of children washed up on a beach, which shocked the world, are continuing to impact on many.

"I have been doing voluntary work in the UK with the charity for two years but after this opportunity came up I really wanted to go and physically help the refugees," she said.

"The war in Syria is horrendous and I just want to do all I can to help people.

"As a result of the war going on thousands of Syrian refugees have been entering Europe in the last year.

"It has been an issue ignored until pictures of the children came up – they caught everyone's attention."

Syria Relief has a warehouse in Greece close to the Macedonian border to provide a base for goods to be delivered and distributed.

And Zubia admits she has been overwhelmed from the support shown, in particular from those in Warrington and Greece.

"The Greek people are in a recession but these people are finding money and resources to feed the refugees," she added.

"The people in Greece and the authorities are very hospitable and welcoming to the Syrians.

"I was also very fortunate to receive very kind donations from the Cairo Street Unitarian Chapel where I attend.

"The chapel has also hosted a number of events over the past year supporting Syria Relief and raising the profile of the issue.

"Other drop off points and kind donations were received at Bradshaw Community Primary School, where my children go, collections from St Thomas' Church and the school in Stockton Heath, Warrington Homeless Shelter and also the Warrington Islamic Association, which kindly gave us a very large cash donation and van full of tents and sleeping bags and other essential items.

"People have been extremely generous and the Syrians are very grateful.

"They are not in Europe looking for handouts, they have paid their own way to come through Europe."

Zubia, who is originally from Scotland, is urging residents to continue donating to provide much-needed donations to the suffering refugees.