SINCE the launch of Carers U Knitted four years ago, the group have been busy making around 400 twiddle muffs for dementia patients.

The kind-hearted group have recently seen their efforts recognised after appearing in Simply Knitting magazine to discuss the twiddle muff campaign.

The creations are a knitted band with attachments on both the outside and inside which includes embellishments such as ribbons, beads and zips.

Twiddle muff are designed to help combat restlessness and agitation in dementia patients by keeping their hands busy as well as stimulating the mind.

Founder of Carers U Knitted Sue Lawton from Bewsey stumbled across the idea while looking online for new ideas for the group to turn their talents to.

She said: "I read about the twiddle muffs online and the rest they say is history.

"When someone new joins the group we always start them off with a twiddle muff."

The group of carers, who meet on a Wednesday morning at the WIRED office on Sankey Street, have become firm friends since launching the group.

Sue added: "We are all carers. Originally it was set up as a craft group to raise funds for the centre but it have evolved into a charity knitting group.

"It is incredible how time has passed - I can't believe it has been that long.

"Knitting is very therapeutic. When some of our carers come along they are suffering with stress so it is good to get them in to join the group."

The group often set up a production line – allowing members to focus on certain aspects of the twiddle muff making process.

Sue has also issued a plea for more wool donations to enable the group to continue the good work they do.

She said: "If anyone has any spare wool they would like to donate we would put it to good use. It's a big expense for us."