CANCER survivors and carers have labelled a rehabilitation programme a ‘godsend’.

Users of the service were speaking at an event to raise awareness of We’re Positive, which consists of two programmes which offer physical and psychological support delivered by St. Rocco’s Hospice and LiveWire.

Survivor Lynne Watson said: “I had a feeling of trepidation about attending the programme at first, having felt quite isolated after being diagnosed.

“But when sharing experiences with people who were going through what I was, it really helped. It transformed negativity into positivity and I would really recommend the cancer rehab programme to anyone battling cancer.”

The programme was first launched by the NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group in June 2014 as a pilot scheme, and covers all the stages of a patient’s journey, from diagnosis to treatment as well as support for those who receive a terminal diagnosis.

Sue Banks, carer for her terminally ill father in law Henry, said: “Not only did the cancer rehab programme benefit Henry in his final weeks and days, it was a godsend to me as his carer – I was finally listened to and involved in making decisions about his care.

“It wasn’t until we attended the group at St Rocco’s Hospice that we saw what the cancer rehab programme could do for us.

“Henry was treated as a person – as if he was a valued member of the family.

“If we needed anything, they were on the end of the phone, the emotional support we received was incredible.

“Henry laughed all the time, it was the most important part of the week for him.

“We knew that when we attended the group, it was going to be a good day – we would have gone every day if we could.

“There is nothing more important than what this group does for people like us – ordinary, everyday people living with, and battling cancer.”

Meanwhile, MacMillan Cancer Support have opened an information and support service at Orford Jubilee Hub.

The service is a joint working partnership between St Rocco’s Hospice, Macmillan Cancer Support, NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group, Citizens Advice Bureau and LiveWire, and will help patients, their carers, relatives and friends - as well as those just looking for more information on cancer.

Alison White, clinical lead at St Rocco’s Hospice, said:  “People often have a lot of questions when they are diagnosed, so this service will be vital in helping them to keep control and obtain the answers they need at all stages of their cancer journey."

Based in the café area of the Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub, the pod will be open for drop-ins and one-on-one advice sessions initially between 10am and 1pm Monday to Friday but the vast selection of leaflets and advice material can be picked up at all times when the Livewire site is open. 

For more information about the programme call 0300 003 0818 or email