A CINNAMON Brow man had been sectioned eight months before he killed himself standing in front of a train at Padgate station, an inquest has heard.

Relatives said they were concerned something was wrong when Niall Yorke, of Rowland Close, did not attend Runcorn police station on the day of his death on February 11 this year.

The inquest on Tuesday heard there was a 'matter concerning' the 22-year-old in February last year before he went missing two months later and was found at Beachy Head in an 'anguished' state.

Mum Cheryl Morris-Yorke said: "He was very upset and the police liaison people persuaded him to go to a police station where he was taken into custody for his own safety and then went into hospital.

"He kept things to himself and we didn't know he was supposed to be at Runcorn police station (on the day he died) until I realised I had a number of missed calls from the police station during my dinner hour.

"I tried ringing him but couldn't get hold of him and was half way home when his sister rang and said there had been an accident at Padgate Station."

Emergency services were called at 12.25pm and a British Transport Police officer confirmed there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

A statement from the train driver estimated he was travelling at 65mph on the Manchester-bound line heading from Liverpool to Nottingham when he saw a person wearing a hoody with his back to the train on the tracks.

He applied the emergency brakes but could not stop the train in time.

Mr Yorke was a year behind with his education after refusing to go to school due to bullies.

He had completed his first year at university studying computer software engineering but did not tell his parents he had not returned to the course in September last year.

A psychiatrist said Mr Yorke had been admitted to Hollins Park hospital in June last year with a 'particular problem' he was anxious about after experiencing a 'stressful event'.

Coroner Janet Napier added: "This is a horrifyingly simple story and terribly sad his life was lost in this manner."

She concluded Mr Yorke died of multiple injuries and took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed.