EIGHT fire engines tackled a large blaze near Winwick Road in Warrington.

According to Cheshire Fire Service, crews stayed at the scene, BT Skip Hire, on Sunday to make sure the flames had gone.

Firefighters left the scene at 10.15am.

Emergency crews were alerted to the fire off Athlone Road just after 10.45pm on Saturday.

Nearby residents reported hearing a loud bang and their rooms shaking before seeing a flash and smoke appearing from the scene. 

The explosion could be heard as far away as Birchwood and Newton. 

Readers posted messages on the Warrington Guardian's Facebook and Twitter pages. Karen Wernham wrote: "We are at the bottom end of Orford and heard the loud explosion, I hope no-one is seriously hurt  and that the fire can be brought under control quickly."

Markus Woolley said: "Breaking news, big explosion in Warrington, police and fire at the scene. Helicopters in the air."

Four fire engines were sent to the scene initially which this was later increased to eight.

A spokesman for a Cheshire Fire Service said: "On arrival crews found a large fire involving refuse and recycling material and began using main jets to tackle the blaze as well as using other jets to cool nearby gas tanks.

"Crews are continuing to work to contain the blaze and stop it from spreading to nearby premises."

Cheshire Fire reports that there were no injuries.