FAILED rent payment by a Warrington-based letting agency has left a single mum of one struggling to cope.

Tracey Woodhouse is just one of a number of landlords who have yet to receive a payment for last month's rent from Aspire Lettings, which was based on the Padgate Business Park.

Mrs Woodhouse says she has been left out of pocket to the tune of £495 as she has yet to be transferred the money from the company she trusted to deal with the finances.

She said: "I'm a single mum with a disabled child and I rely on this money. This month will be a struggle."

Mrs Woodhouse, who rents a property on Windsor Street  near to Warrington Hospital, has tried on numerous occasions to contact the company but has been unable to speak to those involved.

The company website has since been taken down and the Twitter account has not been active since January 22.

It is believed the highest outstanding payment to a landlord is around £4,000 with many others having to deal with late rent payments in recent months.

"I have emailed, text and rang the office but I have heard anything," recalled Mrs Woodhouse, who says she sent a heartfelt plea to the owner for her money but was ignored.

A Facebook group has since been set up as it is estimated that around one hundred landlords have been affected but this number has not been confirmed.

One Appleton landlord, who owns two properties in Carrington Park, has also faced problems with the letting agency and is waiting on outstanding rent payments totalling £1,000.

The landlord, who has asked not to be named, said: "I have two properties that the company managed for me.

"They lied to me about the delayed payments and said that it was cash flow problem and then said later on in the conversation that it was a computer error and they were getting new computers in next month."

A spokesman for Cheshire Police said it had received a call about an alleged issue with a lettings company but that it was a civil matter and there is currently no police investigation.

A council spokesman has also confirmed that there is currently no investigation into Aspire Lettings.

To join the Facebook group set up for Aspire Lettings landlords click here.

Aspire Lettings did not respond to calls for a comment.