PICTURES of days gone by have triggered a nostalgic trip down memory lane for many residents following the launch of Burtonwood Catholic Club Village Facebook site.

The website encourages residents to share photos of their lives growing up in Burtonwood and post stories of their favourite memories.

Tony Cowley said: "Our new Facebook site has almost brought the community together and it's the talk of village.

"We even have quite a few elderly residents looking to get online. The whole village is going Facebook mad.

"I was talking to some people the other day who are saying to their children 'can you come and show me that Facebook history site for the village'.

Photos have already started rolling in including of the carnival at Burtonwood in the 1940s.

Tony hopes the page will bring back the community spirit, which had dwindled in recent years, with many people not even knowing the name of their next door neighbour.

He said: "This is a time when we all need to have a good look at ourselves.

"Have a look at the site and you will see these values there in front of you in black and white.

"The catholic club is at the heart of this initiative, we are working with the community to reignite those values. We are looking to reintroduce some of these old events live the carnival.

"We are putting on free shows for our local community at the weekend and we are encouraging the younger generation to come in and show their talents at our shows and it’s working."