THE Government is likely to scrap one of the most controversial elements of the new High Speed Two rail route.

The spur from Manchester to Wigan, which was set to travel through Culcheth and Rixton, looks poised to be binned.

In a meeting in the House of Commons last Tuesday, the chief executive of HS2, David Higgins, told MPs the spur, which would cost £1billion alone, ‘no longer makes sense’.

And he said it would now be reconsidered.

The route is set to be confirmed in the new year when the decision is likely to be confirmed.

Warrington South MP David Mowat, who was at the meeting and has campaigned against the spur, said: “This line was an error from the start and adds nothing to the overall benefits of HS2.

“I am delighted it is being reconsidered and just wish a formal announcement will be made soon.”

The spur was set to be routed through a number of homes in Culcheth, Rixton and Glazebrook and would have gone through Taylor Business Park.

Around 500 homes would be within 500 metres of the line.

But with the decision made for the depot of the line, which will connect London to northern towns and cities including Manchester, to be in Crewe there no longer seems to be the appetite for the Wigan spur.

Both Mr Mowat and Warrington North MP Helen Jones lobbied Parliament in the autumn.

Mrs Jones says the new route would not only save money but result in a better service.

It would see train travel from Warrington to London cut to around one hour and twenty minutes. Supporters of HS2 believe the expansion of high speed rail would provide a large economic boost to the north, by cutting travel time to the capital.

No timescale has been given for the route to be confirmed, but it is likely to be before the election the Warrington Guardian understands.