CHESHIRE'S crime commissioner has criticised Warrington North MP Helen Jones for making 'ill-informed' comments about Cheshire Police and ignoring him since he's been in office.

John Dwyer said he was 'very disappointed' by comments Mrs Jones made after the police force was chastised during an inspection for failing to record reports of rape properly.

But Mrs Jones says the crime boss should start dealing seriously with the problem and not use her as a smokescreen.

As revealed in the Warrington Guardian, it warned half of rape cases in Cheshire were wrongly not recorded as a crime.

However, Mr Dwyer, who marked two years in office on Friday, said the comments were made without the Labour MP 'bothering’ to ‘check her background first'.

"Helen Jones was ill-informed and I was very disappointed by that," said the commissioner.

"She hadn't bothered asking me or the chief constable, but we're in election silly season and I know it's about point scoring.

"I was absolutely appalled when I heard about (the inspection) but at no point has anyone suggested the investigations were flawed.

"I hope now, after processes have been put in place, if we had another inspection, we'd pass."

Mr Dwyer also said he has offered to meet with Mrs Jones on several occasions, but has yet to receive a response.

He added: " A letter was written to her and she was invited to a number of functions to meet me.

"She doesn't engage with us and I'm disappointed by that."

Mrs Jones said: "I am disappointed that Mr Dwyer has felt it necessary to criticise me on this issue and to downplay the significance of the HMIC report which, where reports of rape are concerned, stated clearly that Cheshire police, “does not have a policy to describe how to deal with the recording and reports of rape.”

“ Wrongly classifying rape case as “no crime” is not a simple administrative error. It means that serious crimes are not being properly investigated and victims are being let down. The HMIC report says clearly that of 30 “no crime” decisions on rape cases, 14 were incorrect. Having nearly a half not properly investigated is not something which can be ignored or downplayed.

“ The Home Office minister said at the dispatch box that he was “not proud of what was disclosed by the investigation in Cheshire”. I wonder if Mr Dwyer has complained about the minister. Rather than putting up smoke screens Mr Dwyer should state clearly that he also is not proud of the results of the investigation and start doing something about it.

“ I note that Mr Dwyer feels he can dispose of other people’s time. He did the same recently with the leader of Cheshire East council.

“ He needs to understand that MPs are accountable to their constituents, not to him. We are not his junior officers and I will not be diverted from raising what is a very serious issue for women in my constituency because he indulges in personal attacks."