AN Appleton man's campaign for a Down's syndrome girl allegedly abused by a paedophile ring could benefit from a proposed public inquiry in Scotland.

Labour MSP and justice spokesman Graeme Pearson is calling for an inquiry into historical cases of child sex abuse in Scotland, amid claims abuse was widespread.

The Scottish Government is due to make a decision on whether to hold an inquiry by Christmas.

Rob Green, aged 68, of Birchdale Road, has headed the long-running campaign on behalf of Hollie Greig, who claims to have been abused for 14 years by people in positions of power in Aberdeen.

The allegations have been reported to Grampian Police, but no arrests have been made, due to a lack of 'corroborative' evidence

An email from Mr Pearson, a former senior police officer, has indicated he believes Hollie's claims 'will benefit' should an inquiry be launched.

In the email, he said: "Should I be successful in my efforts I have no doubt your campaign will benefit alongside many others."

Mr Green said: "All we have ever asked for is a formal investigation into the evidence provided by Hollie."