THREE friends who made it on BBC Two during Warrington Town’s victory on Friday night have hailed the atmosphere - with two saying it was better than Old Trafford after watching Manchester United the following day.

David Hamilton, Tom Green and Jake Matthews reached fame among friends and family during BBC’s post-match analysis, where each could be seen celebrating wildly.

Just a day later, David and Tom attended the home of the Red Devils but admitted it struggled to match the events of the night before – a night set to be remembered in Warrington for decades.

“The United game couldn’t really compare,” said Appleton resident Tom, aged 21, who could be seen behind presenter Dan Walker and pundits Martin Keown and Trevor Sinclair during the aftermath of the FA Cup win.

“You could see the Warrington players were playing for pure passion and putting their bodies on the line, whereas at United you could see it was all about money.”

Former Bridgewater High School pupil David was also quick to point out the striking differences between watching Evo-Stik outfit Town and Premier League giants United.

“Friday was the best game of my life – the atmosphere was great,” said Dave.

“I went to watch Manchester United on Saturday but the atmosphere wasn’t as good.

“A lot of people have been coming up to me and getting in touch about being on TV, it is quite funny."

Jake, from Stockton Heath, could be seen taking in the surroundings on the shoulders of a fellow fan and praised the evening.

“It was very good and everyone was getting involved to get behind the team,” said the 21-year-old.

“A lot of people have told me I was on TV since the match, it is a bit surreal.

“I will definitely try to get tickets for the next round if we are at home, you can’t really miss it after a night like this.”