COMPLETING 1000 sit-ups, 1000 press-ups and bench pressing 5000 kgs before chucking a bucket of ice water over your head may sound like a tough challenge.

But Great Sankey dad Peter Micallef had his four-year-old daughter Olivia cheering him on all the way...and particularly while she sat on his back during all 1,000 press-ups.

The 33-year-old took on the unusual challenge in locations across the town, including outside the Warrington Guardian offices, the Halliwell Jones stadium and on the Alice in Wonderland statue, to raise cash and awareness for two causes close to his heart.

More than £350 has been raised so far for Vasculitis UK, a rare condition which affects the blood cells, and The Liverpool Womens hospital after the care they provided for Peter's nephew Max Unsworth Howard before his sad death three years ago.

The accountancy and finance degree student added: "I hope to raise as much as possible but for me raising awareness was just as important which is why I tried to do something a bit different.

"My mum Toni suffers from vasculitis and it can mean she has to spend a lot of time in bed and can't live a normal life.

"It affects about 1,000 new cases a year but very little is known about it so I just wanted to get it in peoples' minds that other charities need help and support."

Peter said he was inspired to do something after seeing numerous videos online of people completing the ice bucket challenge ahead of his last week of summer before he goes into the final year of his accountancy course.

He admitted however the challenge was much more difficult to complete over five days than he first thought with the first round of 200 sit-ups and 200 press-ups taking place in the kitchen, then on a trampoline, the garage roof and then on top of a coach.

Peter, who also had the support of partner Fliss, added: "I would get home at the end of each day and fall asleep as soon as I sat down.

"My daughter kept me going shouting 'Come on let's go to the next one' during the press-ups.

"I finished by throwing two buckets of ice water over my head but my arms were so shaky from the sit-ups I let go of the bucket and had to do it again!"

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