DAVID Mowat has written to a senior Scottish politician demanding an apology for alleged comments made about campaigner Robert Green.

The Warrington South MP has taken action over remarks allegedly made by Kenny MacAskill, Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

It is claimed the Scottish National Party MP made reference to Mr Green during a public meeting in Perth on April 28, after taking a question on the Appleton resident’s campaign for Down’s syndrome girl Hollie Greig. He is reported to have said ‘it is right that Robert Green is in prison’.

At the time Mr Green was on remand at HMP Perth, after naming officials in an online blog he says are complicit in a cover up over the alleged sexual abuse.

He is on bail awaiting trial over breach of the peace allegations.

In the letter, Mr Mowat said: “If the evidence presented to me does reflect the truth about what was said that day in Perth, I have to share Mr Green’s disquiet.

“I would be concerned about such a statement being made by anyone in a public forum, let alone an elected politician, whose portfolio requires he maintains his neutrality in matters relating to ongoing legal cases.

“If you have made reference to Mr Green along the lines suggested I would be very concerned about his ability to receive a fair hearing, and would request you publically clarify your position in advance of Mr Green’s trial opening.”

The Conservative MP said he wanted ‘assurances’ that no further references would be made to the former owner of Mossley Travel Agents in Lymm.

He added: “I believe it would be helpful if you were offer Mr Green a written apology for what was said and for any inference...you considered a man held in prison awaiting trial could be considered guilty.”

The 68-year-old, of Birchdale Road, said: “I am happy for David Mowat’s help, and support of Clr Brian Axcel (Appleton - LD), and I’m hoping we now get some proper information from Mr MacAskill.”