A GRANDDAD-of-five has spoken out about the stressful run-up to finally getting his hands on his granddaughter’s passport and being called a liar in the process.

Peter Fielden, of Falcondale Road, Winwick, applied for 12-year-old Georgia’s passport on June 3 and was told that it would be processed and returned by secure courier.

But after three weeks of silence and no sign of the passport, Peter, his wife Sally and their son, Paul, tried to track down the missing passport as Georgia was due to go on holiday to Turkey in July.

The 71-year-old said: “We were told on a few occasions that we would receive a call back that never happened and we were given conflicting answers.”

On July 7, Peter was told the passport had been delivered to their house by DX Secure on July 2 but this was disputed by Sally who had been in the house on the day in question.

The firm claimed they had photographic evidence that it had been delivered but this later turned out to be incorrect as it had actually been posted through a neighbour’s door, who was on holiday.

“They made us out to be liars but this was not the case,” said Peter.

But this was not the only obstacle facing the family as they attempted to get their hands on the passport, which included having the old passport posted back to them instead the new version.

The family travelled to Liverpool Passport Office where staff were able to process a new passport after it was proved that the passport had been delivered to the wrong address.

He said: “I cannot understand why the delivery of a valuable security item such as a passport can be delivered by pushing it through a door and taking a photograph without checking if it is the right house. “ A HMPO spokesman on behalf of DX Secure said: “We take the security of the passport and the safety of the passport holder's personal information very seriously.

“It is extremely rare for a document to be delivered to an incorrect address.”