NEW Warrington Market designs will help to bring its historic presence back to the heart of the town centre.

That was the verdict of traders reacting to the new plans unveiled last week for the market redevelopment.

Alison Roberts, of Alison Loves to Bake, said: “I think it is great. We need a new building and I like the new development’s use of historic Warrington.

“It is also close to the town centre and will hopefully bring more people in.

“A lot of stalls are quality stalls not just cheap and cheerful. Yet there is still a lot of snobbery. People think stalls could be grotty in this building and are surprised when they come to see us and how good the other stalls are.”

But some have voiced their concerns over the proposals which would see stalls moved into a provisional base set back from the current market location while work on replacing the current hall takes place.


Sharron Eden, from Bells, Buttons and Bows, said: “It should be good when completed but it’s a concern for all traders because there’s going to be building work and it’s whether customers are going to come.”

Yet for many they feel the new location - with Bridge Street frontage incorporating the former Boots building - will make the difference to business.

Andrew Leicester, of Andrew’s fish, game and poultry, said: “It will be a lot better and hopefully it will bring more people in - we think it will.

“The way that have put the entrance at the front of Boots it will make a massive difference.

“At the moment there isn’t the same visibility to the market.”

And for new trader Eric Kubala the redevelopment was a strong selling point for him to start up his Scallion Veg stall which opened on Monday.

He said: “I think the new market will look fab. This one has seen better days and I think it will brighten the street up and bring people in.

“We are based at High Legh and we were approached by the market management. We weren’t too keen at first bust when they said about the new development we were really excited.”