POLICE were called to pepper spray a man after a row over barbecue food erupted in Tesco.

Halton Magistrates Court heard on Thursday how officers were called to the store on Winwick Road as a group of men argued with security staff.

They had been drinking at a barbecue in the town and when refused service to buy more food due to being drunk, the men became aggressive and refused to leave.

Adam Stephen Harrison, aged 26, of Winmarleigh Street, was in the group and confronted the two officers when they arrived after being called by staff.

Sarah Grey, prosecuting, said: “The defendant would not listen when they tried to calm him down.

“He called them faggots and said ‘are you laughing at me’ to the female officer.”

The court heard police became concerned for their safety and used the pepper spray.

As details of the offence was read out Harrison smirked and laughed in the dock.

When challenged by District Judge Bridget Knight over his ‘amusement’, Harrison said: “I was drunk and I can’t remember but they are not words I would use.

“It’s not because I find the words funny.

“I just had too much beer. It was stupid.”

The court heard the unemployed father-of-three, who formerly lived at Ottawa Gardens in Latchford, had started an argument with a security guard.

That resulted in his friends not being served for booze and food, leading to them ‘kicking off’.

Harrison was rowing with a friend, and when police intervened he turned his anger on them.

The defendant, who has six previous convictions for 10 offences, pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour.

He was fined £100 and told to pay £85 in costs, and a £20 victim surcharge.

The money will be deducted from benefits.