INCENSED staff at the O2 Call Centre say they still feel ‘devastated’ over plans to transfer almost 1,000 jobs to Capita.

Workers at the Preston Brook site have been given just two weeks to decide whether to take voluntary redundancy or transfer to the new company on July 1.

02 bosses stress there will be no compulsory redundancies and have guaranted staff the same terms and conditions for two years.

Workers are worried about what could happen in the future.

Sandra Walmsley, Communication Workers Union official at Preston Brook, said: “Staff were shocked and devastated by the news.

“People are very worried about whether the site will remain open.

“There is a real fear that although terms have been protected for two years, people are worried about their long term job security.”

She added that staff suspect pay could be cut during the remainder of the 10-year deal.

She said: “Capita has a call centre in Yorkshire.

“Those people are on significantly lower salaries and worse terms and conditions that 02 staff. They haven’t got recognised unions.

She said: “02 staff feel totally and utterly betrayed. 02 is just cost-cutting when their profits are up.

“They are selling out on the very people that made them the success they are today.”

02 says it now takes one million fewer calls from customers per month than two years ago as smart phone users prefer contact through apps or social media.

The company is investing £50 million on new digital customer services.

An 02 spokesman said: “There will be no compulsory redundancies. Voluntary redundancy will be open to all our people who take calls from customers.

“This is discretionary and therefore we will review all applications to ensure that our customers continue to get the same high level of service when we transfer.

“The effected people will see no significant changes to their contractual terms and conditions.

“02 has built up a good relationship with communities and our work with Think Big and other initiatives will continue.”