CHANCELLOR George Osborne visited Daresbury Science and Innovation Park today to announce a £30m grant.

The Tory minister said the Government is allocating the money to the Hartree Centre to finance research into ‘super computing’.

Speaking at the Daresbury Laboratory today, Friday, he said: “It’s great to be back at Daresbury for me and to see how much the campus has developed.

“Our desire is for this to be the best place for science.

“There isn’t a lot of money around so we have to be very smart about where we put it.

“By putting out money into science we are supporting the economy of tomorrow.”

The £30m has been drawn from the Government’s £600m science budget.

It will be used to develop technologies such as batteries for mobile phones.

Mr Osborne also visited Latchford to see work being carried out on the flood defences by the Environment Agency.